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Shawn Martinez has been a passionate and dedicated chess master and coach from Brooklyn New York for the last 20 years. Learning at public school I.S 318 from some of the best teachers in the country. Winning more than 10 city, state, and national titles whilst attending chess dynasties I.S 318 & Edward R. Murrow. 


Shawn’s  drive and enthusiasm for the game led him to found his own coaching company, Pushing Pawns, specializing in providing quality chess programs in schools for the youth. He strongly believes in the power of chess not only as a tool of entertainment and recreation but also as an educational resource to foster critical thinking and self-improvement skills. Shawn  has been recognized for his remarkable teaching methods and unparalleled ability to convey the game's underlying principles and concepts to beginning players. 


While encouraging others to develop their skills, he holds the title of Fide developmental instructor, with more than 12 years of experience. He is also ranked as a national master in the U.S. Chess Federation. 


Shawn Martinez is passionate about providing quality chess classes and coaching with a unique approach of fun and interactive training.  proudly helps kids from all walks of life to become knowledgeable chess players.


Teaching and learning are not only my passions, but defining aspects of my life. Even with many years of professional experience, I continue seeking ways to expand my knowledge so I can provide the best support and instructional services to my clients. My personalized approach ensures that no matter your skill level, I can help you grow and achieve success.


There’s no better time than now to begin learning something new. No matter your current skill level, there’s always room for improvement and growth. Get in touch today to learn more about how I can help.

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